Water Sports in Puducherry

The sea is the soul of Pondicherry. It is not possible to leave Pondicherry without being allured by the beaches and the sea. Just the sea breeze in your hair is a reason to be happy. The most eventful beaches of Pondicherry are the Promenade Beach (Rock Beach) and the Serenity Beach.

What is a visit to the beach without a solid swim or an adventurous ocean sport? There are several surfing schools, diving facilities for you to enjoy the waters and explore the ocean. The government has been actively conserving and restoring the beaches and Pondicherry, and there are initiatives to make all the seven beaches around Pondicherry tourism-friendly.

There are also a host of activities awaiting you in the backwaters as well. The backwaters lined by soothing greenery are ideal for a slow boat ride so that one can take in as much of the quiet and beauty as one can.

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