Trekking in Kashmir

Walking on foot is the best option to gather beauty, spread in hilly nooks & corners. Trekkers usually know this and keep enquiring about unexplored territories in all the places they visit. Kashmir has a number of short & long trekking options spread all over the valley.

Surrounded by the Great Himalaya and Pir Panjal mountain range, the serene valley of Kashmir is a home to the people who are trailing in the mountains like a nomad. Being vested with colourful meadows, crisscrossed by streams and dotted with placid lakes, Kashmir enriches the concept of Indian tourism. Further, with its undulated and rocky terrain on the fringes of the lush green meadows, Kashmir is a feast for the eyes. Trekking in Kashmir is as exciting as it turns out to be challenging. Cutting through edges and passing through the rich verdure, en route the narrow rocky tracks, makes trekking tours in Kashmir tricky and dicey. But the journeys wind up framing some of the best lifetime moments scooping the trekkers' gossip.

Tourism in Kashmir today has maneuvered more into adventure seeing the growing demand of trekking in the valley of Kashmir. Even when you are with your family, the Kashmir valley boasting with several short treks is rather going to make your vacation more adventurous. Some of the popular short treks in Kashmir gets crack from the rich green meadows of Pahalgam, which is cut across by the River Lidder and few from Sonmarg, which is secluded within several five-thousanders like the Sirbal Peak, Kolhoi Peak, Amarnath Peak and Machoi Peak. Short treks in Kashmir which are perfect for tiro trekkers, also winds up from Gulmarg that is perched at an altitude of 2,900 meters. A popular day hike is to Khilanmarg, which is approximately 5 kilometers from Gulmarg and Alpathar Lake that is further 8 kilometers away. Another popular short trek in Kashmir is from Gulmarg to Ningel Nallah. More audacious explorers can take the 5 day trail to Tosamaidan that branches off from the Ferozpur Nala and beyond to the hamlets of Danwas, Tejjan, and Tosamaidan. From Sonmarg, a pleasant day trail winds up to Thajiwas glacier and from Pahalgam, the trek to Aru that is approximately 12 kilometers away is another popular short trek in Kashmir, which is ideal for beginners and families.

Coming onto the gossip of intrepid trekkers about the Kashmir Great Lake Trek, which is a popular one commencing from Sonmarg. It is one of the most beautiful treks in the Kashmir Valley that covers the lakes of Gangabal, Vishansar, Kishansar, and goes close to the Harrnukh peak. Further, adding on to their list, the Aru-Kolahoi Glacier Trek is yet another challenging one that commences from Pahalgam.

Trekking in Kashmir is also a mapquesting task for several explorers who delve into new destinations beyond the reach of tourism. Winding up to the hem of towering peaks in the Pir Panjal and Karakoram Range is an excellent way to acquaint with the lofty peaks more closely. Further, the notable Amarnath Yatra that commences from the valley of Pahalgam is one of the spiritual treks in Kashmir. The trek passes through Domial, Barari, and Sangam combating steady climbs and takes approximately 4-5 days to cover the distance.

Kashmir is the trekker’s delight and the clicked pictures and videos confirm the news. Since Kashmir is already at a good height, one need not climb too high up for capturing the panorama.

Jammu, in spite of locating in relatively low lying areas, this region also offers tremendous opportunities of trekking in trekking trails in the surrounding areas of mountain peaks like Sickle Moon (6,575 m), Eiger (6,001 m), Brahma in Kishtwar region.

The Chadar Trek (Leh) is world famous for facilitating the thrilling experience of trekking on frozen water of Zanskar River.

Trekking Season

Summers or winters trekking options are always open in Kashmir. It all depends on trekkers’ abilities but the most popular trekking occurs in summers. Most of the hidden treasures like the Krishansar & Vishansar lakes AND Amarnath Cave are inaccessible by road and only trekkers get this gift.

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