Tips for Tourists in Puducherry

Generally advised not to leave an unlocked suitcase in a hotel room. Never leave suitcases unattended at airports or train stations. Women traveling alone should never get into a taxi or rickshaw if there's a second man accompanying the driver. Women should also chain-lock their doors when they are in their hotel rooms. Advised to be alert - in crowds - for pickpockets and it is good to wear a money belt. Be attentive while using his or her credit cards.

  • The climate in Puducherry is generally humid. The climate is mostly warm and plain cotton or cotton/synthetic blends are the most practical wear in summer.
  • Taxi and Auto drivers don't expect tips but the fare is not uniform. If they go through a great deal of trouble to get to your destination, they may ask for tips about Rs. 50-100.
  • As a precautionary measure vaccination against Hepatitis B is recommended, if staying for a long duration. To avoid Malaria and Dengue, carrying mosquito repellents, nets and using repellent sprays is sufficient.
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