Food And Cuisine of Meghalaya


Made using fermented rice, cane sugar and oil, pukhlein is a popular dessert, which is best paired with a hot cup of tea.


A dish without a fixed recipe, this is essentially a salad consisting of pork, onions and local spices. You can sample some at the Don Bosco Square in the city.


This Khasi delicacy is another favourite in the city. A pork preparation, it is cooked in a gravy of black sesame seeds, along with a splash of soy sauce and chillies.


A speciality of Shillong, jadoh can be found at food stalls and eateries across the city. The dish consists of rice mixed with succulent pieces of meat and topped with an assortment of herbs such as mint leaves and ginger.


A delicacy specific to Meghalaya, tungrymbai is made of fermented soy beans. Wrapped in bamboo leaves and mixed with thai chilli paste, apart from various other spices, the beans are turned into a gravy dish that is best eaten with bread or rice.


Though chowmein is quite popular in the food hubs of Shillong, it is not a local dish. It is prepared with egg noodles and spices and is served hot. It is often mixed with chicken or pork, onions, ginger, garlic etc.


The city of Shillong has no dearth of pineapples and the giant Kew variety is easy to spot here. This sweet and tender fruit is like a burst of refreshment in the mouth. Street vendors sell freshly cut and cleaned pineapple slices that are sprinkled with a tangy masala. Visitors can head to any local market to sample them.

Betal Leaf

Betel leaf is an important part of the food culture in the city of Shillong. It is mostly had after meals and is considered a fine way to polish the palate after eating. It is spicy and hot and though, it is not easy to digest at first, one can slowly acquire a taste for it.


Momos, of Tibetan origin, are steamed dumplings made of wheat flour with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling. Variants filled with cottage cheese, chicken or mutton are extremely popular and are best enjoyed with a spicy chutney, which is a blend of dried red chillies and vinegar. It is believed that momos came to Shillong with the Chinese community who settled here and introduced their food culture to the city. They are considered to be a part of the diet of Arunachal Pradesh's Monpa and Sherdukpa tribes, who live in the West Kameng and Tawang districts that share a border with Tibet. The momos that are eaten here are generally stuffed with minced pork, mustard leaves and green vegetables and are served with a chilli paste.

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